One day… (Taken with Instagram)
My girl @sparkleswithshelby 😘 (Taken with Instagram)
My new break at college;) (Taken with Instagram)
To all you Penny kids…. @jayboy_2 @_reeeese  (Taken with Instagram)
Screenshot from a new video  (Taken with Instagram)
Taken with Instagram
Adjustments made to the gopro, and im stoked to make Oceanside my home beach when I go to CSUSM!! (Taken with Instagram at Oceanside beach)
Sector 9 Go Skate Day 2012!!! See you there!! (Taken with Instagram)
New Burke Sentinel coming soon!! Be on the lookout.!! Glad I had the privilege to be a part of the designing process!! (Taken with instagram)

Taken with instagram
@leighallynbaker  Bomb Mom!!  (Taken with instagram)
Mom is so Bomb!! #GoodLookCharlie (Taken with instagram)
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